Antialls​/​Defect Split "Getting Good"

by The Antialls

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released December 8, 2012



all rights reserved


The Antialls Austin, Texas

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Track Name: Vestigial Minds
Ya look like you're thinking, I know you're just high, you look like you're a tough guy, I know that's just a lie. Emotionless eyes and mindless hate, you'll live forever, no need to contemplate.

Hey, you're so bright, go start a fight. Hey, you want more? Go start a war

Years and years of misuse, minds tend to shrink. They shrink and shrink and shrink and shrink soon we'll all go extinct. Intellect's a privilege, don't you see? It's not some fucking birth right or a gift from a deity.
Track Name: Parasites and Politics
Anarchists and Taoists hate the fascist imperialists. Catholics verses Atheists, HA they're all empty fists. Me what am I? I refuse to die, I refuse to love your war. I know what lies in store. Suffering, death and pain, is there no end to your hatred's reign?

Parasites and politics, our leaders are all power sick pricks, religion and racism, it's all the same fascism.

Communistic hypocrites and the pigs are all on power trips. I don't believe in judgment day, there's just something wrong with the world today. Silver chains around my neck, tightening soon I'll be dead
Track Name: God Hates Homophobes
Brainwashed, gutless, fucking fools. Minds forcefully replaced by false book of rules. Forced to believe in a god of hate for those born defiant and all who relate. Mindless, hateful, what a bore. I know it's all been said before. Filter ears only hearing vile lies. Closed minded bullshit never dies.

God's not a tool for condeming ones fate. God's not a tool to rationalize hate.

God hates homophobes.